4st Helsinki Salon

General Color

AUTHOR Image title awards
Boytell, Kerry Sunset Over Mt San Michel View
Boytell, Kerry Where are you Don Quixote View
Tilley, Paul Tilley F1 Drifting View
Woodcock, Jane Mona Corridor View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Egger, Marcel HelloBirdy View
Egger, Marcel PeacockEye GPU GOLD COLOR View
Egger, Marcel Sandstorm View
Karner, Manfred Beautiful Face View
Karner, Manfred Puppet Dance View
Karner, Manfred Stretched Cloth View
Pillik, Manfred Starke Frau View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Keurlinckx, Els Petite cabane rouge NFFF HM COLOR View
Keurlinckx, Els Senta View
Meerpoel, Pascal Flamingos Eye View
Van Calsteren, Louis Banc FIAP HM COLOR View
Van Calsteren, Louis Beach running View
Van Calsteren, Louis Berges du Lez View
Van Calsteren, Louis Lac paisible View
Vandebroeck, Jhony Begroeting op tak View
Vandebroeck, Jhony Weerbarstige buit View
Vander Meulen, Sonja carreaux de couleur View
Vander Meulen, Sonja doors View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Hristev, Dimo First light View
Hristev, Dimo lavender-storm View
Hristev, Dimo Matera View
Hristev, Dimo The caravan View
Madzharov, Kostadin Autumn View
Madzharov, Kostadin The little hero View
Todorova-marcheva, Maria Everything rotates around the Woman AFCC HM COLOR View
Zaykov, Konstantin The young Moroccan View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Chen, Shuying call exchange View
Chen, Shuying Eagle Owl View
Chen, Shuying nurture View
Deng, Dongjie fight View
Deng, Dongjie Fly through the fog View
Guo , Guizhong Simmer with laughter View
Hao, Jinfang Practice hunting View
Hao, Jinfang Waiting View
Jiao, Shengfu Intermountain pasture View
Jiao, Shengfu Winding road View
Jinyu, Zhao Sunset Kilimanjaro View
Liu , Jianping A solitary man View
Liu , Jianping Return View
Liu, Qingshun a solemn expression View
Liu, Qingshun Gaze View
Liu , Xuzhong Blacksmith View
Lu, Shengfu Belief View
Lu, Shengfu Pastoral View
Ma , Yaping Father and son View
Ma , Yaping Lively desert 3 View
Sheng , Yaojian Sunning of the Buddha View
Tan, Yaonian fighting snake View
Tan, Yaonian play snake View
Wang , Yichi Pilgrimage road View
Wu, Jianxin Family happiness GPU HM COLOR View
Xiang, Balao quarrel View
Xiang, Balao sing the dawn View
Xiang , Xiaoping baby in the egg View
Xiang , Xiaoping Hercules Dad View
Xiong, Yuehui hungry View
Xiong, Yuehui target View
Yang, Guomei Sweet home View
Zhang, Jie musical note View
Zhang, Jie play chess View
Zhang, Zhimin aerial lore GPU HM COLOR View
Zhang, Zhimin catch fish View
Zhao , Jinli Bells on the ice mountains View
Zhu, Dong ready to take off View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Andreou, Andreas L Dance of Zou Lou 2 View
Kotsonis, Romos Reached the end View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Andreassen, Lars Faroe Bridge in sunset View
Christensen, Thomas A. Orange View
Hammerstad, Jan Deliane 12 View
Hammerstad, Jan Outside In 1 View
Hammerstad, Jan The Flower View
Hansen, Bjarne Juhl Painter opus 3 View
Jakobsson, Jens Storm at the lighthouse View
Jensen, Maybritt Hodal Morning View
Pinholt, Lis Marie Dahl Pinholt Amaurobius similis View
Suszkiewicz, Ole Lonely Beauty View
Wilgaard, Morten Mynte Muse 05 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Arffman, Marko Prayer View
Ari, Lindholm Chamonix View
Ari, Lindholm Drying cod in Lofoten View
Arkila, Pertti (pepe) Countryboy View
Eskelinen, Jouko Behind the mask View
Eskelinen, Jouko Vilja 2 View
Flankkila, Virpi Towards the light. View
Flyktman, Reima Auchenorrhyncha View
Flyktman, Reima Brimstone 2 View
Hakala, Seija Dancing with the moon View
Hänninen, Kai Down under View
Hautamaki, Tuula Dancing in the castle View
Jokinen, Juha Colorful portrait 1 View
Jokinen, Juha Portraiture 14 View
Jortikka, Aki-samuli Almost like a painting View
Kalle, Salonen League 4 View
Kannas, Klaus New Dawn View
Keto, Jouko Keto Land of The Midnight Sun View
Kontto, Sami Sojuz View
Korpela, Antti Eye of the Mordor View
Korpi-vartiainen, Jukka-pekka Korpi-vartiainen Illuminated Landmark View
Leino, Pertti Crown Snow-load View
Mäki, Jarmo Medieval man View
Mantykangas, Jarmo At last they want some Green View
Mantykangas, Jarmo Mister Smith nro 1 View
Markkanen, Wille Markkanen Forward View
Niemi, Ritva The mayfly View
Niskanen, Ilkka horn head View
Niskanen, Ilkka icefishing 2 View
Nisula, Pekka Bipolar Disorder View
Nisula, Pekka I Love You View
Pajala, Vesa Cold Winter Day View
Pajala, Vesa Staircase View
Pajunen, Jonna Scarecrow View
Pitkälahti, Tuula Flower fly View
Puranen, Matti Autumn morning View
Raunio, Risto Arctic fox on the way View
Sarparanta, Heikki Group of Walruses View
Sarvela, Margareta Summer Night in Finland View
Sell, Henrik The ant and the flower View
Sundström, Lotta Shadows and light on sand View
Sundström, Lotta Tightrope dancer View
Suomu-virtanen, Piia Blizzard View
Suomu-virtanen, Piia Fox cub View
Vahaettala, Marjukka Deer Tattoo View
Valpasvuo, Timo IGOR View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Bertin, Jean-claude Arret sur image View
Bertin, Jean-claude Puerto Candelaria View
Camus, Thierry neon lights at Gaite Lyrique View
Camus, Thierry red and red View
Chaine, Jean-baptiste Anne-Claire View
Chaine, Jean-baptiste Grand Central n°2 View
Chaine, Jean-baptiste Lëya et le chapeau View
Gelé, Serge Like a storm View
Morio, Françoise belle pirouette View
Paris, Trinley Another milkmaid View
Paris, Trinley L aventure NFFF HM COLOR View
Paris, Trinley Le cafe du gardien View
Paris, Trinley Un boucher View
Rampnoux, Regis Yellow time 1 View
Verdier, Jean-pierre Debut de recolte View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Ehlert, Ulrike Im Gegenlicht View
Graf, Josef In flight View
Graf, Josef made View
Groeben, Norbert marina View
Henn, Annelie Parachute View
Henn, Annelie Pride View
Hochhaus, Alexander Clouded View
Jörn, Lützen bridge at the morning View
Kaufmann, Susanne Kathrin_Bobbel View
König, Hans in der Kurve View
König, Hans Stargesang View
Kraft, Roland Inside MAM View
Kunick, Stefan Cplpr Lamps View
Linnemann, Markus Lighthouses - When the night fades View
Paul, Helmut At the Lake View
Paul, Helmut Stairway 14 View
Romanowski, Jan Motorcross 1809 View
Schulz, Ruediger Amen View
Schulz, Ruediger Blue Morning AFCC SILVER COLOR View
Senser, Norbert Horizont View
Senser, Norbert Ostseestrand View
Senser, Norbert Vergleich View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Balachouti, Rania A light in the darkness View
Lykouris, Ioannis After The Battle View
Lykouris, Ioannis Edward View
Lykouris, Ioannis Mermaid View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Lee, Wu Tzung Umbrella Maker 03 View
Lin, Wolfgang Dynasty 09 View
Lin, Wolfgang Raining in HK 02 FIAP GOLD COLOR View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Kohalmi, Kalman Red haired girl View
Koncz, Desi Wing View
Regenyi, Gabor The survivor View
Roland, Kranitz Roland I got you FIAP HM COLOR View
Sagi, Agi Miss Camouflage View
Ujhelyi, Zsolt Ujhelyi Dawn of Hesperis NFFF GOLD COLOR View
Ujhelyi, Zsolt Ujhelyi Three Graces View
Ujhelyi, Zsolt Ujhelyi Yellow Stilettos View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Matthiasson, Eyjolfur Common ringed plover View
Matthiasson, Eyjolfur Eurasian pygmy owl in Norway View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Astro , Mohan waiting for the next season View
Athavale, Bhaskar LAMAYURU MONESTRY 04 View
Athavale, Bhaskar SAND DUNES AND CAMEL RIDE View
Basak, Sumanta BABY FARMER View
Bhattacharjee, Hirak pray and bath View
Bhattacharya, Sanjoy BLACK BEAUTY View
Bhattacharya, Sanjoy FRIENDSHIP FIAP HM COLOR View
Bhattacharya, Sanjoy JOB SATISFACTION View
Bhattacharya, Sanjoy LANGUAGE OF EYE View
Ck, Subramanya Ck Basking Croc View
Das, Debanjan Rumeo 51 View
Dey, Mainak Caged View
Dey, Mainak Chilly Boy View
Dey, Mainak Friends in Rain View
Dey, Mainak Jittered Thoughts View
Ghosh, Debojyoti COLOURFUL FACES View
Ghosh, Debojyoti MAKING OF FISHING NET View
Mallik, Sibani CONVERSATION View
Mitra, Bikram FURIOUS View
Mitra, Bikram HIDING View
Pal, Abhijit Old Man View
Saxena, Sudhir BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Aprillina, Dewi Yudhia A piece of life in Jodphur View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Byrne, Seamus Princess Dream View
Hanafin, Helen Boy with the pink shirt View
Hanafin, Helen Nepali Sadhu View
Loughran , Gary Focus View
Loughran , Gary Symmetry View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Goldin , Leonid Windows in the yard NFFF BRONZE COLOR View
Sinai, Menachem chess View
Sinai, Menachem Urban Dance 002 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Baio, Rita calatrava flowers View
Ceccherini, Eros SORRISI View
De Rosa, Luigi Virata View
Di Panfilo, Vincenzo Young passenger View
Favalli, Emanuele Disgregations View
Fini, Michele Autoimessa View
Formenti, Giorgio Beach Atelier View
Fratini, Franco Cold morning View
Fratini, Franco Godafoss View
Fratini, Franco Gran Prismatic 2 View
Maitan, Gianni Colibri 2022 n3 BEST OF SALON View
Maitan, Gianni Polar Bear playing BEST OF SALON View
Maitan, Gianni Polar Bear sleeping BEST OF SALON View
Maitan, Gianni Snowy owl BEST OF SALON / NFFF SILVER COLOR View
Manetti, Marco Sharon eyes 2 View
Martini, Gianni The Doubt View
Pettazzi, Claudio Mudec 2 View
Pettazzi, Claudio The Galleria of Milano View
Puosi, Antonio Duilio Coreografie di Carnevale View
Reggio, Almando Skating 32 AFCC HM COLOR View
Reggio, Almando Synchronized skating 32 View
Rignanese, Giuseppe La pastorella View
Rignanese, Giuseppe Poster 1 View
Sarrocco, Giovanni EYE IN THE SKY View
Sarrocco, Giovanni HEAVY METAL View
Zuffo, Emanuele Burano 10 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Ryu, Shin Woo View
Ryu, Shin Woo View
Ryu, Shin Woo View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Alloughani, Faisal cycling 1 View
Alloughani, Faisal Insistency AFCC GOLD COLOR View
Alloughani, Faisal swimmer 40 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Hinger, Josy Jupa 3 View
Hutting, Jacques Hutting FIN DE JOURNEE A LA MOSQUEE View
Hutting, Jacques Hutting SOIREE DOREE EN CAMARGUE View
Patz, Martin Cattenom View
Patz, Martin Serve View
Patz, Martin Waterfront View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Chiang, Ka Chon Right Straight Punch View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Debono, Johann Portrait of a Fisherman View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Kuipers, Rene Rosalien View
Kuipers, Rene The Eye View
Lybaert, Daniel Drie Japanse makakenkoppen View
Lybaert, Daniel Kuifmakakenfamilie View
Lybaert, Daniel Winters Isendica View
Van Son, Max Flow View
Vermaat, Anne-marie smile View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Barsjoe, Stine Marie Ida Sofie with white flowers View
Carlsen, Nina Bending ballerina NFFF HM COLOR View
Carlsen, Nina Do you dare View
Darflot, Anngunn Darflot Korset View
Darflot, Anngunn Darflot The fairy View
Eikemo, Marit Kristin Ferstad Gannets View
Engen, Bjoern In the north View
Espeland, Kari E Espeland Trandum walking View
Foss, Torunn Communication View
Foss, Torunn Therese View
Hanssen, Vegard Nine is one View
Hanssen, Vegard The more the merrier View
Hanssen, Vegard Three little bears View
Helland, Atle Gondoler View
Henanger, Kjell Eirik Irgens Easter hare 5 2022 View
Henanger, Kjell Eirik Irgens Free style in a free world FIAP HM COLOR View
Henanger, Kjell Eirik Irgens Solstad 2022 View
Holst, Kjersti father and son playing with ball View
Holst, Kjersti water lily leaf View
Isaksen, Signe Gry Mr. Puffin View
Kjøsnes, Oddmund Kjøsnes Heron and Reflections View
Kvam, Jarle I. Kvam Blue hour View
Kvam, Jarle I. Kvam Night mist View
Landvik, Jon Arctic Night View
Landvik, Jon Winter on the River View
Ogard, Ommund Magic View
Olsson, Bjoern Reidar Lunde I Bokeh View
Price, Anita Rowing in Arno river View
Rabbevag, Odd The parrot of the sea View
Sandstrak, Kristin Floating View
Skaug, Jorgen Hadeland Winter wonderland View
Sveen, Lars Carousel View
Sylta, Rolf Sylta The skater View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Dubiel, Cezary Tunnel of light GPU HM COLOR View
Milkiewicz, Piotr Alone View
Wisniewska-halka, Kamila Among The Reeds View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Margarintoni, Oscar Iustin Splash View
Margarintoni, Oscar Iustin You need coffe View
Pop, Ovi D. 3 D View
Pop, Ovi D. The seasons labyrinth View
Sarb, Vasile Broken wings View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Downie, Phil Last Line of Defence View
George, William Exquisite View
Greer, David Flying Tutu View
Greer, David Kerrang View
Greer, David Lady in Red View
Harley, Bruce The Vigil View
Mclean, Kenny Forgotten View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Mirkovic, Dragoslav NOVOMILOSEVO 246 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Krejan, Simon Regatta View
Krizaj, Tomi BAND View
Krizaj, Tomi SO LETS GO View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Adán Peña, Joaquín La diosa de ébano View
Adán Peña, Joaquín Pink salt View
Alcázar Ojeda, Antonio The girl and the cat View
Barbany Bosch, Toni TRES CRXOFES View
Benito Zapata, ángel en movimiento View
Benito Zapata, ángel tambores View
Benito Zapata, ángel verde y amarillo View
De La Hoz Roch, Gràcia Clara with flowers View
Fernández Gómez, Francisco Javier MUSAC View
Fernández Gómez, Francisco Javier Pronando View
Font Vila, Daniel JOVE CARBONERA View
Gomez Catalina, Katy Alma de baobab View
Gomez Catalina, Katy Luces del amanecer View
Kuesta Garmendia, Joxe Inazio Man from Chittagong-Bangladesh View
Kuesta Garmendia, Joxe Inazio Painting a Theyyam Ceremony Performer View
Kuesta Garmendia, Joxe Inazio Surma children posing for the picture View
Kuesta Garmendia, Joxe Inazio Surmi tribe girl drinking water from a tap - Ethiopia View
Lafebre Castells, Vicenç Feel observed View
Lafebre Castells, Vicenç La Marmolada View
Leandro Serrano, Luis Crosswalk-2 View
Leandro Serrano, Luis Delta del Ebro View
Llobera, Merche Flying Underwater View
Llobera, Merche Marlin Run GPU SILVER COLOR View
Llobera, Merche The King View
López Cepero Mateos, Manuel BOTELLAS Y CIRUELAS II View
López Cepero Mateos, Manuel LAS CIRUELAS View
López Cepero Mateos, Manuel VISITA AL MUSEO GPU HM COLOR View
Molero Gutierrez, Florentino El son View
Molero Gutierrez, Florentino Esperanza View
Molero Gutierrez, Florentino Las costuras del alam View
Molist , Josep M Yin Yang ous View
Morales Ogalla, Gaspar Islandia 1 View
Morales Ogalla, Gaspar Islandia 2 View
Urrutia Uriarte, Felix Bakardadean View
Urrutia Uriarte, Felix Kanpazar View
Vázquez Trujillo, Rubén CRUCES NFFF HM COLOR View
Vázquez Trujillo, Rubén TRAFICO View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Bandara, Pandula Laying on Floor 2 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Almen, Anna Fire hunter View
Almen, Anna Kingfisher dance View
Almen, Anna Travel to Grandma View
Domeij, Siv Cold View
Domeij, Siv Picnic View
Domeij, Siv Scarce copper View
Garblad, Yvonne Dogs and tentipi View
Gustafson, Klas Guggenheim View
Gustafson, Klas Lyngved 1 View
Gustafson, Klas Night caravan View
Hansson, Lars-hakan Cold water Surf Philip KN 8390 View
Jerlemar, Nils-erik Empty Bench View
Jerlemar, Nils-erik Pedestrian Crossing No 4 View
Liedholm, Marcus Urban loneliness 1 View
Lundblad, Mikael Follow me View
Lundblad, Mikael Munttoren View
Lundblad, Mikael Ponte Romana View
Reichel, Peter Harbor View
Stake, Jan-thomas Smoke 0086 View
Ward, Gary Incoming tide AFCC HM COLOR View
Wennblom, Monica Waterfront View
Zebuhr, Goran At the padel lane View
Zebuhr, Goran Stockholm Central Station 1 PM View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Polli, Alex Autumn poetry View
Polli, Alex Harmony View
Zurmühle, Martin Flying Angel III AFCC HM COLOR View
Zurmühle, Martin Flying Flag II View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Chen, Potse Aisle Red View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Allen, William Elle in Red View
Allen, William French Beauty View
Allen, William Lady in Green View
Allen, William The Blue Scarf View
Barton, Janice Dolls View
Barton, Janice Venice Queen View
Bloodworth, Trish Faithful friends View
Clifton, Lorraine Deadvlei tree View
Clifton, Lorraine Ghost town triptych View
Fryer, Andy Posts and Pier View
Gibson, James Final bow View
Gibson, James On the run View
Hardy, Lorraine Grief View
Harrison, Paul Over we go View
Harrison, Paul St Cuthbert's Holy Island View
Hayes, Andrew Lion Portrait View
Hayes, Andrew Mara Dawn Tree View
Hayes, Andrew Woodpecker in the Snow View
Healey, Ann Clouded Leopard View
Healey, Ann Emerald Hummingbird Feeding View
Janes, Phil Eyes On The Ball View
Jenkin, Barbara Northern Lights Maiden View
King, John Reflections Male Mandarin Duck View
Kozok, Corinne Blue Male on Top View
Kozok, Corinne Her Favourite Hen View
Malisan, Massimiliano Gentleman's Relax View
Malley-smith, Jeremy I Love Rock And Roll View
Malley-smith, Jeremy Reflections of Buchaille Etive Mor View
Malley-smith, Jeremy River Coupall Waters View
Otton, Helen Jumping Spaniel View
Otton, Helen Solitude View
Price, Robin Style Is In The Genes View
Smith, Roy Approaching the Summit View
Smith, Roy d Arrows Tornado 3 View
Smith, Roy Tornado 2 View
Wheeler, David Reunited View
Wheeler, David Spiral Staircase View
Wheeler, David The New Puppy View
Whitby, John Awe and Wonder View
Whitby, John Patriot View
Wong, Yin Blue Lollipop 2 View
Wong, Yin Chelsea Pensioner in Art Gallery View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Carder, Nan Flamingo 2323 View
Conaway, Ward Misty Valleys View
Pan, Joy P Aurora at Skagsand Norway View
Pan, Joy P Simple Family Life at remote mountain village View
Roberts, Lillian Roberts Elephant Under Leaning Tree View
Roberts, Lillian Roberts Hows it Hanging View
Vautrin, Inge Catching Raindrops View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Minh Minh Tam, Phan BUNG View
Vu, Hai Hai che o long View