6th Kouvola Salon


AUTHOR Image title awards
Labuschagne, Martie A big catch 6148 View
Labuschagne, Martie A mouth full 6963 View
Labuschagne, Stephan Gotcha 5854 View
Labuschagne, Stephan Running on water 0337 View
Boytell, Kerry Beautiful Bee Eater View
Boytell, Kerry The Escape View
Ide, James Helmeted Honeyeater View
Johnson, Vicki Black Kite Take Off View
Johnson, Vicki Little Eagle View
Johnson, Vicki Musk Lorikeet View
Keath, Phillip In a trance Barking Owl AFCC HM NATURE View
Keath, Phillip Superb Fairy-Wren View
Moore , Michael Bee in Lavender FIAP HM NATURE View
Moore , Michael Giraffe View
Munro, David This is my branch View
Patterson, Ian Cruising GPU HM NATURE View
Patterson, Ian Cuttlefish Romance View
Patterson, Ian Giant Cuttlefish GPU GOLD NATURE View
Raguse, Andrew Female Mulga Parrot View
Woodcock, David Southern Ocean Coastline View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Egger, Marcel DragonFly NFFF HM NATURE View
Egger, Marcel ElephantDust View
Egger, Marcel Leopard View
Pichler, Thomas Mommi Love View
Pichler, Thomas Sea Eagle with Prey 2 View
Pillik, Manfred Fingerlutscher View
Pillik, Manfred Vereint View
Pillik, Manfred Zwei Feuerquallen View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Keurlinckx, Els Reflexio View
Keurlinckx, Els Tree frog among greenery. View
Meerpoel, Pascal Red Throat View
Simon, Claude Vulture attack View
Vandebroeck, Jhony Perfecte moment View
Vandebroeck, Jhony Tegenstrevers View
Vandebroeck, Jhony Voorwaartse stap View
Vander Meulen, Sonja steenuil View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Madzharov, Kostadin After the rain View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Chan, Tin Sang Baltimore Oriole View
Chan, Tin Sang Male eastern blue bird feeding View
Chan, Tin Sang Red Fox and Kit View
Zheng, Zhugang Zheng Cheetah Hunting Gazelle 2 View
Zheng, Zhugang Zheng Flamingo Flying Over Lake Magadi GPU SILVER NATURE View
Zheng, Zhugang Zheng Hyena Grabing Food From Cheetah View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Chen, Shuying love View
Deng, Dongjie mother and son.jpg View
Guo , Guizhong Stare View
Hao, Jinfang Ice Habitat 2 View
Hao, Jinfang Practice climbing View
Hao, Jinfang Who will win View
Jiao, Shengfu Demon Eye View
Jiao, Shengfu Dusty View
Jinyu, Zhao In rapport View
Li, Jianping Egret love View
Li, Jianping Fearless View
Li, Jianping The rising sun View
Liu, Qingshun Drinking water View
Liu, Qingshun Manuls on the rock View
Liu, Qingshun Wild Yak View
Lu, Shengfu Lighting over Crocodile Cov View
Ma , Yaping Brothers into battle View
Ma , Yaping Roam View
Mao , Xiaoping Home View
Tan, Yaonian Building a house from materials View
Tan, Yaonian dedication to love View
Tong , Jiangchuan A group of Tibetan antelopes View
Tong , Jiangchuan Wild yaks on the Tibetan plateau View
Xiang, Balao boiling in the morning.jpg GPU BRONZE NATURE View
Xiang, Balao Slow half shot AFCC HM NATURE View
Xiang, Haiquan Air battle of sparrows View
Xiong, Yuehui hunt.jpg View
Xiong, Yuehui oncoming View
Xiong, Yuehui Willow warbler raises young Rhododendron View
Yang, Guomei Mysterious shadow View
Yang, Guomei Promised shoal View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Jakobsson, Jens Looking back View
Madsen, Aage A Clearwing 2 View
Madsen, Aage Fungi in the Wood View
Majgaard, Niels I see you View
Pinholt, Lis Marie Dahl Pinholt White-tailed eagle View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Ahlfors, Ari Kuningaskalastaja View
Annala, Heikki Winter Lullaby View
Cederberg, Stig Winter afternoon View
Hakala, Seija Towards the light View
Hypen, Kai Banded demoiselle View
Hypen, Kai Delivery soon View
Hypen, Kai Who is next View
Jokinen, Juha Mirror image of bear 1 View
Kalle, Salonen Jay with acorn 1 View
Kast, Thomas Autumn Aurora View
Kontto, Sami Auroras View
Korpela, Antti Posing Bear View
Lindqvist, Leena-maija Bear by the pond View
Mantykangas, Jarmo I am Right View
Niskanen, Ilkka close by 2 View
Niskanen, Ilkka feathers FIAP GOLD NATURE View
Niskanen, Ilkka watch out View
Piekiäinen, Antero Catch! View
Raunio, Risto Puffin with food View
Raunio, Risto Walrus trio-3 View
Sarparanta, Heikki Mother with two cubs in Svalbard AFCC SILVER NATURE View
Sarparanta, Heikki Splash View
Sell, Henrik Two Swallows View
Simonen, Pia Light as air View
Sundström, Lotta Pin-stripe pals View
Sundström, Lotta Safe and secure View
Sundström, Lotta Sudden spook View
Suomu-virtanen, Piia Family portrait View
Suomu-virtanen, Piia Siblings View
Suomu-virtanen, Piia The swimmer View
Ylinen, Pertti Break on a Branch View
Ylinen, Pertti Mealtime 12 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Bordier, Claude Cuttlefish mating View
Bordier, Claude La petite crevette View
Bordier, Claude Recif a Raja Ampat 05 View
Bordier, Claude Recif a Raja Ampat 07 View
Dumangin, Jacky SYRPHE SUR FLEUR View
Klauth, Robert The bee eather 17 View
Klauth, Robert The bee eather 18 View
Marie, Sajous Tetras lyre en parade View
Verdier, Jean-pierre Tete a tete View
Verdier, Jean-pierre Transparence View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Ehlert, Ulrike Pavian View
Essig, Michael Thalictrum rochebruneanum View
Graf, Josef Before the flight View
Graf, Josef Butterfly AFCC HM NATURE View
Graf, Josef Yellow beauty View
Henn, Annelie Minuteman View
Hochhaus, Alexander Colza field View
Hochhaus, Alexander Demoiselle female View
König, Hans gutgetarnt View
Olfert, Peter Big mouths View
Olfert, Peter Fighter View
Paul, Helmut Antelope Wave AFCC HM NATURE View
Schulz, Ruediger Flycatcher 03 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Lykouris, Ioannis Do not wake me up ! View
Lykouris, Ioannis The Lake of Silence View
Lykouris, Ioannis The Lion King View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Ka Wai, Li CHASE View
Lee, Wu Tzung I Love My Mom 02 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Kocsis, Ferenc Buddies View
Kocsis, Ferenc Fly out at dawn View
Kocsis, Ferenc Rainbow wings View
Nadudvari, Zsolt Offended View
Nadudvari, Zsolt Sacrifice View
Nadudvari, Zsolt Sushi View
Roland, Kranitz Roland Direct hit View
Roland, Kranitz Roland I ll catch you View
Roland, Kranitz Roland Look Im flying View
Wittmer, Laszlo Dragonfly in a rest View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Matthiasson, Eyjolfur Eurasian pygmy owl View
Matthiasson, Eyjolfur Pygmy owl View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Athavale, Bhaskar MAJESTIC LEOPARD View
Basak, Sumanta BTBE FIGHT View
Ck, Subramanya Ck Careful Watch View
Mallik, Sibani LION COUPLE View
Mallik, Sibani LUNCHTIME View
Mallik, Sibani OBSERVER View
Matkar, Sachin Matkar Agression View
Matkar, Sachin Matkar Race View
Shukla, Sanjay Kumar Playful Siblings View
Shukla, Sanjay Kumar Tiger and the lightening View
Vijay, Giridharan Exit the dragon View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Djana, Teguh Aria Meal for Kid View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Sullivan, Claire Otter Silhoutte View
Sullivan, Claire Red Kite Flyby View
Sullivan, Claire Woodpecker chasing Nuthatch View
Taylor, Mark Green iguana View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Sinai, Menachem Reunion View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Formenti, Giorgio Freedom View
Formenti, Giorgio Landing View
Fratini, Franco Aggression View
Fratini, Franco Duel 3 View
Maitan, Gianni Giaguaro n5 View
Maitan, Gianni Leonessa dal basso View
Maitan, Gianni Pipistrello del nettare n4 FIAP BRONZE NATURE View
Maitan, Gianni Polar bear shaking View
Pettazzi, Claudio Hunt View
Pettazzi, Claudio Red dragonfly View
Puosi, Antonio Duilio Fiore di loto View
Puosi, Antonio Duilio Macaone su lavanda View
Sancandi, Ivana Shades of ice View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Alloughani, Faisal Falcon 15 View
Alloughani, Faisal Falcon 5 View
Alloughani, Faisal Falcon 7 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Clement, Romain Hungry View
Clement, Romain The Great View
Patz, Martin Home improvement View
Patz, Martin Pulsatilla vulgaris View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Cheang, Sherman Enjoying My Lunch View
Cheang, Sherman Marching FIAP HM NATURE View
Cheang, Sherman Singing In The Morning View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Debono, Johann Copulation View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Lybaert, Daniel Groep kuifmakaken 4 View
Lybaert, Daniel Lantaarntje op clematis View
Lybaert, Daniel Orang Oetanliefde hogerop View
Van Son, Max Attentive Look View
Van Son, Max Concentration View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Andersen, Harald K Glowing Alone View
Andersen, Harald K Morning Glory View
Barsjø, Stine Marie Glimpse of light View
Darflot, Anngunn Darflot Sultne bjørner View
Engen, Bjoern Happy eagle View
Engen, Bjoern Just awake View
Engen, Bjoern Wolf in snow View
Hanssen, Vegard Graceful catching View
Hanssen, Vegard Looking at prey View
Harnes, Ronnaug In profile View
Harnes, Ronnaug Tired View
Helland, Atle Piggsvin View
Helland, Atle Svane View
Kjøsnes, Oddmund Kjøsnes Follow the Leader View
Kjøsnes, Oddmund Kjøsnes Idas Blue View
Kvam, Jarle I. Kvam Mountain stream View
Olsson, Merja Grey Heron View
Price, Anita Bear fight View
Price, Anita Bear friends View
Price, Anita Hare Trio NFFF GOLD NATURE View
Price, Anita Hawk and jay fight View
Rabbevag, Odd At the play ground View
Rabbevag, Odd The wave View
Rabbevag, Odd What do you see mother View
Skaug, Jorgen Golden Eagles fight View
Tellefsen, Morten Blue in green View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Wisniewska-halka, Kamila Morning Time View
Wisniewska-halka, Kamila On The Meadow View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Nagy, Lajos Gifting on the branch View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Greer, David The Ascent of the FRog View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Zupunski, Anica Victor View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Kalata, Dominik Between dark and light View
Kalata, Dominik Eurasian pygmy owl View
Kalata, Dominik Red fox View
Kalata, Dominik Wildcat View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Artnak, Marjan I am Comming View
Artnak, Marjan Synchronous Swimming View
Artnak, Marjan Tongue View
Krejan, Simon Summer time View
Krejan, Simon Time of night rest View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Badiola Manero, Aitor basajaun GPU HM NATURE View
Barbany Bosch, Toni GRILL_3 View
Benito Zapata, ángel el pico NFFF HM NATURE View
Benito Zapata, ángel oso dormido View
Benito Zapata, ángel rinodos View
Garcia Saenz, Roberto 1Hunting mosquitoes FIAP HM NATURE View
Garcia Saenz, Roberto 2.Drinking 1 View
Garcia Saenz, Roberto 3.Drinking 2 View
Garcia Saenz, Roberto 4.Drinking 3 AFCC BRONZE NATURE View
Gomez Catalina, Katy Blending monkey View
Iglesias Mesa, Manuel Antonio Chusopa Oculata View
Iglesias Mesa, Manuel Antonio La familia View
Kuesta Garmendia, Joxe Inazio Antelope Canyon View
Leandro Serrano, Luis Fangar dune View
Llobera, Merche Hey there! BEST OF SALON View
Llobera, Merche Nature perfection BEST OF SALON / FIAP SILVER NATURE View
Llobera, Merche Stampede BEST OF SALON / NFFF BRONZE NATURE View
Llobera, Merche The Hunter BEST OF SALON / GPU HM NATURE View
López Cepero Mateos, Manuel LA CEBA View
Pardo Gutierrez, Amelia Mirada el frente NFFF HM NATURE View
Trisan Paricio, Jose Luis Reindeer playing. Siberia View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Bandara, Pandula Love in Rain FIAP HM NATURE View
Bandara, Pandula Sleeping While Swinging View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Almen, Anna Baby meeting View
Almen, Anna Bird acrobatics View
Asmus, Jörg Eagle NFFF HM NATURE View
Asmus, Jörg Face to face View
Asmus, Jörg Young fox View
Clementz, Tony Regal Lion View
Domeij, Siv Tranquillity View
Friberg, Mikaela Orchide with company View
Gustafson, Klas Arnia View
Holmberg, Kent Vulture Pied Crow 190521091215 View
Reichel, Peter Eagle_003_ View
Waahlin, Dick White Tailed Eagle & Crow View
Zebuhr, Goran Blue Hour Gotland View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Polli, Alex waiting for the sun View
Polli, Alex Wintrer in the Swiss Alps View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Chen, Potse Wait for Waterdrop 6930 View
Wang, Wan Kuen Feeding 3 View
Wang, Wan Kuen Struggle2 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Allen, William Chaffinch & Greenfinch View
Clifton, Lorraine Jackel awaiting the outcome of springbok battle View
Clifton, Lorraine Polar bear digesting a meal View
Devine, Bob Devine kestrel plucks pheasant 2022 View
Devine, Bob Devine lioness moving cub View
Field, Steve Broad Bodied Chaser on Iris View
Hayes, Andrew Mating Leopards View
Healey, Ann Mating Flesh Flies View
Healey, Ann Resplendent Quetzal View
Hersom, Andrew Orangutan And Young View
Jenkin, Barbara Bromeliad Repose NFFF SILVER NATURE View
Jenkin, Barbara Frigate Bird Duo View
Kalfayan, Yealand Black-veined White on Rose Campion View
Kalfayan, Yealand Two-tailed Pasha on Pine View
King, John Four Feeding Wasps Reflected View
Kozok, Corinne Ready to Pounce View
Maguire, Peter Female Orange Tip Butterfly GPU HM NATURE View
Malisan, Massimiliano Small Blue View
Malley-smith, Jeremy Cautious Fox View
Malley-smith, Jeremy Otter With Ballen Wrasse View
Malley-smith, Jeremy White Tailed Eagle Flying View
Otton, Helen Dalmation Pelican Collision Course View
Otton, Helen Kestrels Guarding and On Guard View
Otton, Helen Palm Pit Viper View
Otton, Helen Splendid Tree Frog Costa Rica View
Pears, Mary Hare confrontation View
Price, Robin Rainforest Mantis View
Price, Robin Thistle Mantis View
Price, Robin Vulture Dispute View
Whitby, John Giraffe Feeding View
Whitby, John Trust View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Akhter, Rowshan Orange Beak With Black Tip View
Conaway, Ward Five Puffin Circus View
Dao, Larry Tho Cheetah Pose View
Hermansen, Mogens Feather Legged Scollid Wasp View
Hermansen, Mogens Gray Hairstreak View
Hermansen, Mogens Halloween Pennant View
Roberts, Lillian Roberts Cheetah Snacking 2018 02 View
Roberts, Lillian Roberts Ferruginous Pygmy Owl w Cicada.jpg View
Salim, Mohammad Ali Golden Top Gorilla View
Salim, Mohammad Ali Gorilla on Tree View
Stricker, Charles Bear Brings Fresh Fish 0055 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Minh Minh Tam, Phan MUA LEN TRAU View