6th Kouvola Salon

General Monochrome

AUTHOR Image title awards
Boytell, Kerry Riding Thru the Mist View
Keath, Phillip Thumbs up View
Patterson, Lesley Mongolian Eagle View
Patterson, Lesley Wrecked Water Boat View
Swinfield, Andrew Contemplation BEST PORTRAIT PHOTO / FIAP GOLD MONOCHROME View
Thompson, Paul Mimi in Profile View
Thompson, Paul Simply Jazz View
Tilley, Paul Tilley Damp Track View
Tilley, Paul Tilley The Blacksmith AFCC HM MONOCHROME View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Egger, Marcel AngelFly FIAP HM MONOCHROME View
Egger, Marcel BabyElephant View
Egger, Marcel HelloWorld View
Egger, Marcel MusicDog NFFF BRONZE MONOCHROME View
Karner, Manfred Pearl Necklace View
Karner, Manfred Wrapped in White View
Pichler, Thomas Nika 4 View
Pillik, Manfred Am Stufenbarren View
Pillik, Manfred Seitenblick View
Pillik, Manfred Vor der Angabe GPU HM MONOCHROME View
Resch, Helmut Daniela 44 SW View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Keurlinckx, Els Dandelion View
Keurlinckx, Els Strigiformes View
Keurlinckx, Els Yun Ae View
Loncke, Alexandre Sous l escaler View
Meerpoel, Pascal Cascade Ransol View
Meerpoel, Pascal The Priest View
Van Calsteren, Louis Flanerie bucolique View
Van Calsteren, Louis Frele esquif View
Vander Meulen, Sonja kapelmuur View
Vander Meulen, Sonja kerkuil View
Vander Meulen, Sonja vale gier View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Hristev, Dimo Desert adventure View
Hristev, Dimo to-the-end View
Hristev, Dimo Walk alone View
Todorova-marcheva, Maria A Copy View
Todorova-marcheva, Maria Oh older brother how big you are View
Todorova-marcheva, Maria The Dreamer View
Zaykov, Konstantin Begining View
Zaykov, Konstantin Mummer at the theater View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Chen, Shuying bright wings GPU HM MONOCHROME View
Chen, Shuying oncoming View
Chen, Shuying rise View
Guo , Guizhong Ploughman View
Guo , Guizhong Yearning View
Hao, Jinfang Fierce fighting 1 View
Hao, Jinfang Grim Killer 1 View
Jiao, Shengfu return 1 View
Li, Jianping Carry bricks View
Li, Jianping Gallop across View
Li, Jianping The fifth is a girl View
Liu , Jianping Dynamic music notes View
Liu , Ming Impregnable pass View
Liu, Qingshun intimidate 3 AFCC BRONZE MONOCHROME View
Liu, Qingshun spreading the wings 8 View
Liu , Xuzhong Keriya people 4 View
Ma , Yaping Foggy dawn View
Ma , Yaping Taste of sorrow View
Ma , Yaping Think of View
Mao , Xiaoping Leap View
Tan, Yaonian snatch View
Tan, Yaonian The strong eat the weak View
Wang , Yichi Insane NFFF HM MONOCHROME View
Wu, Jianxin Ancestral craftsmanship View
Wu, Jianxin Pray for bumper harvest View
Xiang, Haiquan Indonesian tofu workshop.jpg View
Xiang, Haiquan longing View
Xiang, Haiquan Tai Chi push palm View
Xiong, Yuehui childhood View
Xiong, Yuehui come on View
Xiong, Yuehui full house View
Xu, Ping Adventure in the Silk Road View
Zhang, Jie closed eyes girl View
Zhang, Yongjiang Curve of the earth 2 View
Zhou , Huamin Magic gate View
Zhu, Dong dance steps View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Ierides, Andreas Move in silence View
Kotsonis, Romos Going down View
Kotsonis, Romos Steps to the light View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Andreassen, Lars Franch margueritte View
Christensen, Thomas A. House-5 View
Hammerstad, Jan In the Light 2 View
Jensen, Maybritt Hodal Dreamgirl View
Jensen, Maybritt Hodal White haired beauty View
Jensen, Ole Kramer The Track View
Jensen, René Loft in the rise View
Jensen, René Uncle's memories View
Madsen, Aage Never Ending View
Madsen, Aage The Embrace View
Majgaard, Niels Black Coffee View
Pinholt, Lis Marie Dahl Pinholt European brown bear GPU HM MONOCHROME View
Suszkiewicz, Ole Stormy View
Wilgaard, Morten MM 02_BW View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Airaksinen, Riitta He looks to the past View
Airaksinen, Riitta Motherhood FIAP BRONZE MONOCHROME View
Arffman, Marko Hands of the Working Man View
Eskelinen, Jouko A boy with a helmet AFCC HM MONOCHROME View
Eskelinen, Jouko Girl with a rope View
Eskelinen, Jouko Good vibration View
Flyktman, Reima Great Grey Owl 2 View
Flyktman, Reima Northern goshawk View
Hänninen, Kai Figure View
Hautamaki, Tuula I see you... View
Hautamaki, Tuula Longing View
Hovilainen, Reijo peeled half View
Hovilainen, Reijo Snowflakes 52 bw View
Jokinen, Juha Drops 5 View
Kääriäinen, Minna Sewing girl View
Korpela, Antti Spiral Staircase III View
Markkanen, Wille Markkanen Alert View
Markkanen, Wille Markkanen Recycling artist View
Niemi, Matti J. Stand Up View
Niskanen, Ilkka mother bear watches View
österbacka, Gun Disappointed View
Pajala, Vesa Early in the Morning View
Pajala, Vesa Fishing alone View
Pohjonen, Ilpo My grill View
Raunio, Risto Puffin with food-2 View
Sarparanta, Heikki Walruses on ice View
Sell, Henrik The butterfly and the flower NFFF HM MONOCHROME View
Simonen, Pia Beware View
Simonen, Pia Man with Ibanez View
Vahaettala, Marjukka Timeless View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Bertin, Jean-claude Celia Kameni sings View
Bertin, Jean-claude Le passage View
Bordier, Claude Diver and shoal of fish View
Canon, Alain Lagurus View
Chaine, Jean-baptiste Franck n°2 NFFF HM MONOCHROME View
Chaine, Jean-baptiste L'échappée belle View
Chaine, Jean-baptiste Promeneurs NFFF GOLD MONOCHROME View
Delécluse, Marc IN HERSEF 2 View
Dumangin, Jacky BELOTE View
Dumangin, Jacky SERGE View
Morio, Françoise en route pour l opera View
Paris, Trinley Fou View
Paris, Trinley Georgia View
Paris, Trinley L oiseau et l enfant View
Verdier, Jean-pierre Retiens-moi View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Ehlert, Ulrike Erasmusbrücke View
Essig, Michael Das Auge View
Essig, Michael Kranhaus View
Hannemann, Gerd industrial romance bw View
Hannemann, Gerd sentimental thoughts View
Henn, Annelie Magritte in Venice View
Henn, Annelie Spiderwalk View
Hochhaus, Alexander Gloom View
Kaufmann, Susanne Surfer_Atlantik View
König, Hans Allein im Staub View
König, Hans Dreikampf View
König, Hans im Windschatten View
König, Hans kämpferisch View
Kulpa, Beate Calopteryx splendens 17 View
Kulpa, Beate Podiceps cristatus 11 View
Kulpa, Beate Sidecar race 3 View
Laskowski, Renja Academia 04 View
Linnemann, Markus Eyes wide shut View
Linnemann, Markus Head and hand GPU GOLD MONOCHROME View
Olfert, Peter Euphoria BW View
Olfert, Peter Osprey fishing BW View
Olfert, Peter Pelican sea BW AFCC HM MONOCHROME View
Paul, Helmut Curved bw View
Paul, Helmut Hayfield bw View
Romanowski, Jan Bugatti 2011 View
Scholz, Christian Gelangweilt View
Scholz, Christian Kurventechnik View
Scholz, Christian Treppenaufgang View
Schulz, Ruediger Point Of View View
Zernig, Eva Maria Next to Heaven 10 View
Zernig, Eva Maria Next to Heaven 15 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Balachouti, Rania Looking for change View
Lykouris, Ioannis Dancing in the Fog Forest View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Ka Wai, Li GLAMOUS View
Lee, Shing-kit Sam WHO View
Lee, Wu Tzung Under Light And Shadow View
Lin, Wolfgang Ancient General 4 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Ilona Bontovics, Ilona Bontovics Girl with scarf View
Ilona Bontovics, Ilona Bontovics She is looking around View
Kocsis, Ferenc Black-winged stilt View
Kocsis, Ferenc On the wings of the wind View
Kohalmi, Kalman Dont look up View
Koncz, Desi Abel View
Regenyi, Gabor accordance View
Roland, Kranitz Roland Somewhere View
Wittmer, Laszlo Levente - crossing on the smoke View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Matthiasson, Eyjolfur Goshawk View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Agarwala, Adit IN BLACK AND WHITE View
Basu, Gautam Kr STUDY 107 View
Bhattacharya, Sanjoy FEATHER TOUCH View
Bhattacharya, Sanjoy FIRE View
Ck, Subramanya Ck Pelican in the Lake View
Ck, Subramanya Ck Portrait of Vulture View
Dey, Mainak Posta Man 1 View
Dey, Mainak Village school in India View
Ghosh, Debojyoti HAPPY SOULS View
Ghosh, Debojyoti QUEEN OF MASSAI View
Mitra, Bikram PLAYING TIME View
Mitra, Bikram PROFESSION View
Naini, Sreeram Naini WET View
Nath, Subrata CORRIDOR BLK View
Nath, Subrata INSIDE THE THREAD View
Pal, Abhijit Calling of Fairy View
Pal, Abhijit Engrossed View
Shukla, Sanjay Kumar Cheetah Duo View
Shukla, Sanjay Kumar This is playtime View
Sk, Balachandder MISTY MORNING 3 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Aprillina, Dewi Yudhia Layer of tea plantation View
Aprillina, Dewi Yudhia Propeller fabrication View
Lee, Hengki Our Last Song View
Lee, Hengki Paseo View
Lee, Hengki Shattered View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Byrne, Seamus Cocooned View
Byrne, Seamus Holly with mask View
Condra, Frank Héros On The Beach View
Condra, Frank Up And Away View
Taylor, Mark What View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Goldin , Leonid Adult games View
Sinai, Menachem Ethiopia 004 View
Sinai, Menachem Natalia hands monochrome View
Sinai, Menachem Nella 001 View
Sinai, Menachem perfection monochrome View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Ceccherini, Eros NAPLES 082021 012 BN View
Di Panfilo, Vincenzo Warriors hill View
Fini, Michele Aletheia View
Fini, Michele Autorimessa 3 View
Maitan, Gianni Leone n5 View
Maitan, Gianni Megattera n4 NFFF HM MONOCHROME View
Manetti, Marco Sharon 2 View
Pettazzi, Claudio Doha MIA 2 View
Pettazzi, Claudio Doha Museum of Islamic art View
Pettazzi, Claudio Old Miao woman View
Pettazzi, Claudio Shanghai View
Rignanese, Giuseppe Cuore View
Rignanese, Giuseppe Pierrot View
Rignanese, Giuseppe Tra i capelli View
Salvaterra, Alberto Mediopadana 4 View
Salvaterra, Alberto Prayer View
Sancandi, Ivana Camouflage hat View
Sancandi, Ivana Ty Tao View
Sarrocco, Giovanni MUSICA View
Zuffo, Emanuele equilibrio View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Ryu, Shin Woo Pine Grove View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Clement, Romain Stripes View
Clement, Romain Woman with Hat View
Hutting, Jacques Hutting RASTA-1 View
Patz, Martin Wanderlust View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Chiang, Ka Chon Right Straight 3 View
Chiang, Ka Chon Uppercut View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Debono, Johann Ballerina View
Debono, Johann Frozen in Time View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Kuipers, Rene Enola View
Kuipers, Rene The Wind III View
Kuipers, Rene They're Here! View
Lybaert, Daniel Het onderonsje in ZwW View
Lybaert, Daniel Jong olifantje 2 in ZwW View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Arnesen, Geir Christoffer View
Arnesen, Geir Couple in the fog View
Bye, Gunnar Eivind 001 mono View
Carlsen, Nina Longing FIAP HM MONOCHROME View
Carlsen, Nina Luring you in View
Carlsen, Nina Spanish girl View
Egeland, Maria Brit View
Engen, Bjoern Must go deep View
Espeland, Kari E Espeland Anybody out there View
Espeland, Kari E Espeland Cotignac morning View
Hanssen, Vegard Chilling in the sun View
Hanssen, Vegard One footer catch View
Helland, Atle Ink father View
Holst, Kjersti calla lilies View
Isaksen, Signe Gry Hiding in the light View
Isaksen, Signe Gry Springflower GPU BRONZE MONOCHROME View
Kieres, Dariusz R. After pillow throwing game. View
Kolbeinsen, Terje Meditation View
Kvam, Jarle I. Kvam Morning fog View
Kvam, Jarle I. Kvam Reflecting boat View
Nesje, Nina Lost Memories View
Ogard, Ommund Eyes closed View
Ogard, Ommund Leaning 2 View
Olsson, Bjoern Reidar Brown Bear In Sunset M View
Price, Anita Pondering View
Sandstrak, Kristin Wisdom View
Skaug, Jorgen In the Finnish Forests View
Skaug, Jorgen Wiold Brown Bear reflection View
Tellefsen, Morten New York original View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Dubiel, Cezary Berlin .The monument. View
Zalasinska, Tatiana Zalasinska Inaccessible place View
Zalasinska, Tatiana Zalasinska Reversal roles View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Nagy, Lajos The fight View
Pop, Ovi D. Waiting for the night boat View
Sarb, Vasile Irreversible time View
AUTHOR Image title awards
George, William Caring and sharing View
George, William Carla View
Greer, David Curls View
Greer, David Deserted View
Greer, David Look into my eyes View
Harley, Bruce Concerned View
Harley, Bruce Count Dracula's Bride and Friend View
Harley, Bruce Pursued View
Harley, Bruce Wrapped up against the Cold View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Mirkovic, Dragoslav N.M.JULI 0224 View
Zupunski, Anica On the Edge View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Krejan, Simon Old window View
Krizaj, Tomi LOOK AWAY View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Adán Peña, Joaquín La llamada View
Adán Peña, Joaquín Viejo lobo de mar View
Adán Peña, Joaquín Viejo lobo de mar GPU HM MONOCHROME View
Barbany Bosch, Toni PEDRA_OU View
Barbany Bosch, Toni TASSES_OU View
Benito Zapata, ángel desafio View
Benito Zapata, ángel los ojos que miran View
Benito Zapata, ángel Luis View
De La Hoz Roch, Gràcia Alba and feather View
De La Hoz Roch, Gràcia Clara with a book View
De La Hoz Roch, Gràcia Sebastia Grinyo View
Díez De Los Ríos López, José CANSADO View
Díez De Los Ríos López, José FREDY View
Fernández Gómez, Francisco Javier Trabajo en equipo View
Font Vila, Daniel BON TRAGINER View
Font Vila, Daniel JOVES CARBONERES 1 View
Font Vila, Daniel MATERN View
Gomez Catalina, Katy Cortafuegos View
Gomez Catalina, Katy The look View
Gomez Catalina, Katy Vis a vis View
Iglesias Mesa, Manuel Antonio Caballista en su mundo View
Kuesta Garmendia, Joxe Inazio Ethipian man looking throught the bus s window View
Kuesta Garmendia, Joxe Inazio Two children at the Mt Hagen sing sing festival - Papua New Guinea View
Lafebre Castells, Vicenç Circus performer View
Lafebre Castells, Vicenç Hoop exercise View
Lafebre Castells, Vicenç The Teacher View
Leandro Serrano, Luis Penitents View
Leandro Serrano, Luis The Albufera View
Leandro Serrano, Luis The bride of the sea View
Leandro Serrano, Luis Walker View
Llobera, Merche Hungry Crocodile BEST OF SALON View
Llobera, Merche Ready, steady...go! BEST OF SALON View
López Cepero Mateos, Manuel NO HAY FUTURO View
López Cepero Mateos, Manuel RECORRIENDO LA CIUDAD View
Molero Gutierrez, Florentino Con los brazos en cruz FIAP SILVER MONOCHROME View
Molero Gutierrez, Florentino Lambada View
Molero Gutierrez, Florentino Singularidad View
Molero Gutierrez, Florentino Tiempo para pensar View
Molist , Josep M Llapis en ics View
Pardo Gutierrez, Amelia Amor View
Pardo Gutierrez, Amelia El gran ojo View
Romero Calatayud, Manuel A la luz de las farolas View
Trisan Paricio, Jose Luis Nenet Family. Siberia View
Trisan Paricio, Jose Luis Tying reindeer. Siberia View
Urrutia Uriarte, Felix Alberca View
Vázquez Trujillo, Rubén SARCASMUS 138 View
Zamarbide Ferradas, Fernando AL SOL View
Zamarbide Ferradas, Fernando QUEBRANTA View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Bandara, Pandula Single Eye View
Bandara, Pandula The Cat View
Bandara, Pandula With The Mask View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Friberg, Kenneth In the Box View
Grimfoot, Mats Rubjerg knude at dusk View
Gustafson, Klas Brunnsbo AFCC HM MONOCHROME View
Gustafson, Klas Desert walk View
Hansson, Lars-hakan W Tobi 2175 View
Jerlemar, Nils-erik Fisherman and Boats View
Liedholm, Marcus Curtains View
Lundblad, Mikael Elephant walk FIAP HM MONOCHROME View
Lundblad, Mikael Flamingo night View
Lundblad, Mikael Pawn sacrifice NFFF SILVER MONOCHROME View
Lundblad, Mikael Stockholm waterfront AFCC SILVER MONOCHROME View
Lundgren, Olle S Tannery-1 View
Reichel, Peter Bird feeder View
Reichel, Peter Sunnanang View
Robin, Olle Dock foreman View
Stake, Jan-thomas Bongeline 9309 View
Ward, Gary Moody Dahlia View
Ward, Gary Perfect latch View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Zurmühle, Martin Body and Stripes II BW View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Chen, Potse Coal Miner Wheel View
Chen, Potse Happy Workers 9029 View
Kuo, Mei-hui RUSHING HOME View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Macoro, Niso Nisim Gazelle 10 View
Macoro, Niso Nisim Rasim 14 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Konchenko, Oleksii End of the road View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Allen, William African Beauty View
Allen, William Shadow & Light View
Allen, William Spiral View
Allen, William Waiting to Dance View
Barton, Janice Behind Glass View
Barton, Janice Jump View
Barton, Janice My ship View
Bloodworth, Trish Colliery Office View
Brown, Carole Wave Explosion View
Charnock, Nigel Droplets View
Edie, Elizabeth The man with the mask View
Field, Steve Fretwork View
Field, Steve Wet Flip View
Gibson, James The editor View
Gibson, Susan At the bottom of the glass View
Gibson, Susan Give us a kiss Kora View
Hardy, Lorraine Winters Day View
Harrison, Paul Bygone Kitchen View
Hayes, Andrew Mara Bull Elephant Head On View
Healey, Ann Proud Lion View
Healey, Ann Staircase and Shard View
Hyett, Peter Hi View
Janes, Phil Ten Shilling Please Madam View
Jenkin, Barbara Dream Strong View
Jenkin, Barbara Renoirs Girl View
Jenkin, Barbara The Agent View
Maguire, Peter Territorial Dispute View
Malisan, Massimiliano Head to Head View
Malisan, Massimiliano One Foot Down View
Malley-smith, Jeremy Russian Oligarch View
Malley-smith, Jeremy The Boatman View
Malley-smith, Jeremy The Cavalier View
Patel, Ramesh Paper Roses GPU SILVER MONOCHROME View
Price, Robin Harry With Pipe View
Price, Robin Im A Wonderful Thing Baby AFCC GOLD MONOCHROME View
Price, Robin The Hat View
Price, Robin Tipping The Hat View
Sawyer, Tim Beneath The Textured Tree View
Sawyer, Tim Desolate Tree View
Trout, Susan The Dark Monk View
Wheeler, David Cornered View
Wheeler, David Not Good Enough View
Whitby, John Lullaby View
Whitby, John Madonna and Child View
Wong, Yin Lost for words V2 View
Wong, Yin Tony the oyster man V2 View
Wong, Yin Tudor admirers View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Akhter, Rowshan Ballerina Bow 4854 View
Carder, Nan Cavalier 5534 View
Carder, Nan Hibiscus 3979 View
Carder, Nan Surfer 8343 View
Conaway, Ward Twisted Branch Between the Mittens View
Roberts, Lillian Roberts Cape Buffalo the Watcher View
Roberts, Lillian Roberts Elephant Standing to Reach 2021 012021 View
Roberts, Lillian Roberts Five Thirsty Zebras View
Salim, Mohammad Ali Village Girl With Vivid Scarf View
Salim, Mohammad Ali White Veil-1555 View
Salim, Mohammad Ali Wondering Eye View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Minh Minh Tam, Phan A LOOK View
Minh Minh Tam, Phan CHAN DUNG ME View